Branara’s Fishing Adventures! Part:2

*branara walks outside with her fishing suit, her fishing rod and a couple worms in her backpack…you never know!*Branara:come on murloc were going! Murloc:*mrglrgrlhgralhgl*(translation:Im coming!)*the murloc and branara go for a walk and finds her lake*Branara:Wow! this is a perfect lake for fising! Murloc:*mgrlgrlgralghl*(translataion:oh,yes! you’re right this is a perfect lake!) (3rd part coming tomorow)

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Branara’s fishing adventures! Part:1

murloc: *grlmglrgralgh!* Branara:[tired voice] huh?what time is it? *The murloc pulls out a watch branara did herself* Branara:oh my! its 7:23! im supposed to fish at 8:00!I better hurry!*she gets up,gets her fising outfit and eats a little snack before going*Branara:You’re so helpful!Murloc:*grlmglrgralgh*(translation:thanks!) (2nd part coming soon!)

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The Lost Murloc!

One day Branara was playing with her Murloc just like all the time,and her Core-Hound was just sleeping cause he sleeps all the time! Branara had alot of fun playing freezebe with her “Murloc” until the freezebe got far away in a bush then Core-Hound wake’s up and calls for help to get food and branara says: “wait for me Murloc!” and branara gets Core Hound some food then she comes back to the Park and realises that the Murloc wasn’t there anymore! So she searched every where! Under the benches behind the mail box and even in the houses!She sat down on the ground and cries. It was the most rare thing Blood-Elves saw for a while! They all asked her : “Whats wrong?”. She said to every body: “My poor Murloc…Its gone!”. People started feeling really bad for her. So every body started searching , searching , and searching! One guy was hunting and heard the murloc , then he turns back and saw… Her Murloc! The hunter reconized it and gave it to Branara.She was so happy!

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Test Post

Post testing!

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Hello world!

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